What to Know About Cabinet Locks and Office Security

What to Know About Cabinet Locks and Office Security

Cabinet locks are very common, and you will find them in almost every office you visit. You might even be using one now in your office or at home to keep your essential documents safe. The safety of your materials is vital in an office, especially where sensitive files need to be safe from third parties. Many institutions or companies adopted the use of metal file cabinets as soon as they came into the market. However, there have been concerns about the safety of their locks. In some cases, thugs manage to access files despite the presence of a file cabinet lock.

What Are File Cabinet Locks?

Businesses and corporations use cabinet locks to keep their documents and important files safe and out of reach from unauthorized hands. Some families may also use these cabinets to lock their sensitive documents, although they are more commonly used in offices. File cabinet locks come in various types, depending on the locking mechanisms, such as those with locking bars and also push-button locks. Others even have keypad locking options. It will be up to you to decide which one you need for your office. However, the keyed locking file cabinet lock is most common, but you can find other types in the market.

What to Know About Cabinet Locks and Office Security

Are File Cabinet Locks Safe to Use?

When you are going to buy a file cabinet for your office or home you need to look for one with a secure lock that will ensure no third party can access your documents. The locks that come with the file cabinets may not be that secure since the manufacturers use the standard bolts which are not that strong. Manufacturers focus more on making file cabinets with a beautiful finish and less on making them totally secure. It’s advisable that you customize your file cabinet by installing a separately-bought, reliable lock that you can trust. The standard clamps that come with most file cabinets are weak, and once a little force is applied, they can break down, and unauthorized hands can access your files.

What to Know About Cabinet Locks and Office Security

What Are the Essential Aspects of File Cabinet Locks?

There is a lot of information about the security of cabinet locks. You might get confused since every file cabinet manufacturer claims to offer the best and most secure file cabinet – which might not be the case. Here are some things that you should know before you plan to purchase file cabinet locks;

  • Many file cabinet locks use single-sided wafer locks which may be bypassed easily by tools such as nail clippers or lock picks. You should not risk purchasing a cabinet with locks that are not good and will comprise the security of your files.
  • Manufacturers use bolts with few combinations meaning there a possibility that one key may open many cabinet locks. Thus you may want to consider installing a new, customized lock that is strong and has a unique combination to ensure your documents are safe.
  • File cabinet locks have keys that can be duplicated which compromises the safety of your crucial documents. When you only have these cabinet locks, you need to rely on the honesty of your staff which does not totally guarantee the safety of your files.
  • You should not trust the file cabinet locks since they are prone to many attacks and thieves have a way of opening them quickly. When little force is applied to the latches, they open, and mainly the extreme security measures keep the documents safe not the bolts.
  • The best way to ensure your files are safe, once you buy a new filing cabinet, is to consider replacing the locks with commercial locks that are stronger and cannot easily be tampered in any way.

In summary, it’s crucial to keep your documents safe and out of reach of any third party or unauthorized person. You will love having a file cabinet that you can trust with your vital files or documents that are private. Many people have put a lot of trust in file cabinets, but from the above information, you can tell they rarely ensure the safety of your documents.



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