How Do Keyless Entry Systems Work?

There are some people that absolutely hate having to carry keys around.  However, gone are the days when you needed to carry keys around for everything—your house, your car, and your office. Everything these days is starting to become keyless. In fact, keyless entry systems have been around for a while. They’ve been in use in larger facilities such as hotels and public buildings for some time now, but they’re finally starting to hit the home front. When cars became equipped with keyless entry systems, it was a huge change. Many of us didn’t even realize the convenience we were missing before keyless cars.

Now keyless systems have gone beyond cars and into our homes. In an effort to make locks safer, researchers and manufacturers have come up with ways to incorporate keyless entry systems into our homes. The results are called smart locks.


What are Smart Locks?


If you haven’t been in contact with your local locksmith recently, you should stop by for a quick visit. You can see and learn about all the latest ways you can upgrade and update your door locks. Smart locks are electromechanical locks that are designed to lock or unlock your door using a keycode, wireless signals, carded access, or biometric protocols. Many kinds of smart locks exist, and the range in functionality and effectiveness is also vast. Your locksmith can explain all of that to you, but one thing that all smart locks have in common is that they are all keyless.


How Do Keyless Entry Systems Work?


Depending on the type of smart lock you have, a keyless entry will use one of a few ways to disengage your lock mechanism. Keyless systems are wireless systems that can offer a wide range of security benefits. These systems will also allow you to have access to your locks off-site. What this means is that you don’t have to be close to your lock in order to have access to it. You can now open the door for someone else while you’re not home, or if you ever forget to lock your door after you’ve left, you no longer have to turn around. You can simply lock your door from wherever you are usually via a mobile phone app.

It sounds amazing, but there’s more. You can program smart locks to have different key codes for different household members. Also, if you have someone who needs entry to your home, you can set a code for them to use and then delete the codes as soon as they no longer need them. It sure beats having to call your locksmith to rekey your door locks every you want to change the locks.


In addition, your smart locks can be programmed to work with a home monitoring system. If you have a teen at home, you can be alerted every time the door is accessed. If you’re only expecting the pizza delivery guy to come when you’re not home, yet the door was opened multiple times, you might have a situation to take up with your teen!

Keyless entry systems are usually bump-proof and pick-proof because of the elimination of the metal key. Different smart lock systems use different technologies to open; some use touch-to-open tech; others use Bluetooth-enabled devices. Some will use an alphanumeric or a plain numeric code; others might use your fingerprint. Most keyless entry systems are calibrated automatically and are generally easy to install. It’s no longer a luxury to have a keyless entry because they’ve become quite common.

And, they’ve become a necessity for some people, especially in this day and age when everything about your home is becoming integrated. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need your locksmith anymore. Just as burglars keep up with technology, so do locksmiths. Keyless entry systems are designed so that the chances of locking yourself out are slim to none. But it still happens, and in that case, you can either contact the smart lock company or contact your local locksmith.

The many types of keyless entry systems in the market nowadays provide you with much more convenience and control. It doesn’t mean that they’ll make your home impenetrable; all systems have weaknesses. However, with keyless entry systems, you’ll be able to monitor what goes in and out all day long. It’s a peace of mind like no other, and if you’ve never felt secure about leaving your home before, it might be time to upgrade to a smart lock.

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