How Secure Is My Garage Door Opener?

Professional burglars often go for the garage because they know that it is usually the weakest point of security in many homes. In fact, according to a 2016 statistic from police investigations, the number of residential burglaries that occurred because an intruder gained access through the garage – is 50 percent. Half of all burglaries! This means that faulty and easily accessible garages cause half of all the residential burglaries.


Most people don’t think of securing or updating the garage when they move into a new property. There’s a tendency to think that because garages are bulky and noisy, they must be difficult to infiltrate. While a lot of technology has developed over the years to make garages and garage openers better, burglars have also kept up. To determine whether your garage door and opener are up to par, you should contact your local locksmith to do a workup of your garage. Locksmiths can help pinpoint weak areas and provide you with ideas and solutions to make your garage and garage door opener more secure.


How do burglars get into garages?


Burglars have figured out ways to get in through many different styles of garages. Even though most automatic garages today have a garage opener that locks itself to prevent the door from being manually opened, burglars have figured out how to bypass it by using a fishing tool to disengage the garage lock.

Other times, some people just tend to leave garage doors open because they might feel that there’s nothing valuable enough in it to secure. It can become an inconvenience to continually open and close your garage door, especially when you are home. However, an open garage is just like an open-door to burglars. Once they’re in, they can find a spot to hide inside your home.

How secure is your garage door opener?


What are the points of your garage that may cause security problems? Without having to change your garage completely, there are a few measures you can take to guarantee the safety of your home and to guarantee that no burglar will be able to get inside. First, if you have an automatic garage door, you should pull off the red cord that’s hanging from the opener carrier release. This makes it harder for a burglar to disengage the garage opener.

However, you’ll have difficulty disengaging the opener in the event of an emergency or a power outage. If you have windows on your garage door, it might be a good idea to cover them up. Windows will only allow burglars a view of your garage contents and maybe even to see if there are possible hiding places inside. Windows also pose a security risk because they can easily be broken to gain access.


Most garage doors have an outer wall console that you can lock in case you need to be away for a while. This is an effective way of blocking remote controls or reprogrammed garage openers that a burglar could use to open your garage. Contact your locksmith to see if your garage door lock and garage door opener are up to par when it comes to security. Your locksmith can provide an upgrade to your system if it is too old. If you’ve moved to a new house and were handed the old set of garage door openers, you might want to have the old system and openers replaced to keep anyone with previous access from being able to get in.


If your garage door has a slide lock or T-lock, you should try to keep this in the locked position as much as possible. Also, if your garage door is not equipped with any locks, you can attach c-clamps on the tracks on both sides of the door to prevent it from being opened manually.


Lastly, if you can apply one or more of these changes to your garage door and garage door opener, you’ll be ahead of the game of warding off burglars. The best thing for you to do is to contact the nearest locksmith to do an assessment of your garage system. They will inform you on what your next steps should be and get started on making your garage door more impenetrable and safer.

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