Why you should Re-Key your home

Why you should Re-Key your home

Re-keying means replacing your locks with new cylinders as opposed to entire new locks.  People do it for various reasons. However, the primary objective is to keep the house safe. One reason is that doors arrive from manufacturers with locks which many people do not trust; possibly because most manufacturers use standard bolts. Therefore, you should be sure to install quality locks to keep your home secure from break-ins.

The most significant mistake you can make when you move into a new house is to remove the old locks and replace them with other low-quality ones. Sometimes cheap locks can lead to theft as they are not strong and nearly anybody can unlock them easily. Again, since replacing the existing bolts can be very costly, consider rekeying as it is equally as efficient – yet cheaper.

Why you should Re-Key your home

What are The Reasons for Re-keying Your Home?

The main reason for rekeying your home is to improve security. Here are a few instances in which you should consider rekeying your house;

  • New House – When you are moving to a new home, say after leasing or purchasing a new one, you should not trust the locks that you find there. You don’t know how many people have the keys to the new home. To be safe, it’s better to rekey the entire house. Sometimes more spare keys might exist than the ones the seller provides you with.
  • Missing Keys – In case you can’t find all your keys or otherwise realize that all your spare home keys are missing. If this is the case, it might be high time you sought rekeying services. Extra keys might get lost, and you might not know who has them. By ignoring this, you are compromising the security of your house. You should always ensure that all spare keys are accounted for; that’s the only way to ensure your home is secure.
  • After divorce – Divorcing your spouse is not something we like to think about, but it does happen. However, if it does, be sure to rekey your house as soon as it occurs. Your spouse might be bitter and decide to come in when you are asleep to gather their belongings or even joint belongings. Divorce sometimes makes people do crazy things. Be sure to rekey the locks as soon as possible.
  • Broken Locks – If the locks you are using become difficult to use, due to any reason, be sure to consider rekeying. Locks should be smooth to open and not trouble you when you need them to work. The moment the house lock becomes hard to lock and unlock it becomes easier to break into. A difficult lock that previously worked well may be the result of the bolts aging, and that should give you a reason to call a locksmith.

Why you should Re-Key your home

Who Should do the Re-keying?

Before you rekey your house, you should know where to seek professional services. Don’t risk going for any rekeying company or locksmith that you come across. Look for the best company that provides quality services so that you don’t later regret your choice. There is likely a nice choice of locksmiths in your area. However, every one of them will likely claim to be the best. As a result, you may face challenges identifying a reputable company to trust. But the mistake many people make is looking at the prices rather than the professionalism. Therefore, settle for only quality rekeying services providers who charge reasonable prices.  This company will likely not be the cheapest you find.

Why you should Re-Key your home

How to Get the Best Rekeying Services for Your Home

  • Look at the company’s customer reviews on their website and compare. A satisfied customer will not hide their joy, and a disgruntled customer is even more likely to share their experience. Evaluate the reports and take the service provider with the most favorable feedback from past clients.
  • Consult friends and ask who they feel is the best local locksmith that also provides rekeying services. They may have been in a situation like yours and can help you identify the best company.
  • The reputation of the locksmith company you’re looking at should guide you. Every good company has a good reputation. Therefore, go with a locksmith with a good reputation.

Keeping your house and family safe should be your first priority. Additionally, most of your belongings are there too. With proper rekeying, you can be sure that your home, your family, and your belongings are always secure.



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